PHOTOS: Houston Astros to reveal personality through personalized bats for Players' Weekend

(Louisville Slugger)

HOUSTON – This Players’ Weekend, Houston Astros stars will have a way to show off their personalities: new, colorful personalized bats from Louisville Slugger. 

Bats used in MLB games are normally restricted to a handful of colors like natural wood, black, flame temper, black cherry and various shades of brown.


However, on Players’ Weekend, August 23-25, each player will showcase their passions, backgrounds, and interests by putting their own personal touches on the equipment they use in these games. Louisville Slugger is producing colorful team logo bats for 100 MLB players
Each player gets two of the colorful bats.

Players have selected nicknames for inclusion on the backs of their jerseys and their bats. They are given the chance to design, wear and use creatively colored and decorating equipment, including the lumber they swing.

This year Louisville Slugger, the Official Bat of Major League Baseball, created game-model bats for all 30 MLB clubs with official team colors and logos and then added the players’ selected nicknames to the barrels. 

Louisville Slugger also incorporated each team’s logo font into the L-S center brand, helping tie each MLB team to the historic bat company’s legacy, one that stretches back 135 baseball seasons.

The decorated Louisville Slugger bats will add color to action on the field, but players will wear specially designed monochromatic all-black and all-white uniforms, caps, and socks for Players’ Weekend this year.

Mother’s Day -- when many players swing pink Louisville Slugger bats -- is the only other time MLB players can use bats outside the normal color restrictions.

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