Camp Texans in Green Bay: Visiting J.J. Watt's home town

PEWAUKEE, Wisc. – When J.J. Watt flew into Wisconsin, he told his dad, John, he hoped a Packers fan would let him ride his bike to training camp.

Watt grew up two hours away from Green Bay, in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, a village of 14,000 that shaped Watt's NFL success.

Here's a closer look at the town and Watt's life there.

The restaurants

The Watts love to go to a place called the 5 O'Clock Club for its Friday fish fry. The restaurant is perched near Lake Pewaukee and gets packed by 5 p.m., according to Connie Watt, the football player's mother.

It's one of J.J. Watt's favorite places, and owners Jason and Jeanine Knutson tell me his favorite meal is the "Little Cluck" -- a chicken sandwich.

"It's a place where you say hi to (people you know)," said John Watt, father of J.J. Watt.

Both Connie and J.J. Watt's fourth-grade teacher, Judy Keefe, both mentioned Doc's pizza as another place J.J. Watt loves.

J.J. as a kid

According to Keefe, J.J. Watt was a quiet kid who never caused any trouble. His parents couldn't think of any goofy stories from his childhood, except one time he dumped out his dresser of clothes onto the floor while cleaning his room.

Keefe said J.J. Watt told her he wanted to play in the NFL as early as elementary school, also telling her he wanted to play for the Wisconsin Badgers. Both came true.

Two dinners

Back to food, John Watt told a story about the Watt household's unique meal structures. The Watts ate two dinners: one at normal dinner time, and one a couple of hours later. With three big kids,all growing up to play in the NFL, such a practice was necessary.

The lakefront

Pewaukee is centered around its lake and lakefront area. The town has a beach and a pier, and according to J.J.'s mom, the Texans defensive end and his brothers loved going to both places when they were kids.

Training camp

J.J. Watt told a story Monday about his childhood dream of practicing at Green Bay. Watt said he used to watch Brett Favre and the Packers practice through the fence, and he "hasn't wrapped his head around" the fact that he is now one of the players practicing inside that fence.

John Watt said J.J. Watt "gushed" to him about the experience he had at training camp.