Houston Astros star Justin Verlander shows love to veterans' families in Detroit

Pitcher started giving back to families while he was a player for the Tigers

HOUSTON – Houston Astros star pitcher Justin Verlander hasn’t forgotten the veterans families in Detroit he started helping years ago when he was a player in that city. 

"Although Justin is no longer a Tiger, his heart is still here in Detroit and he wants to be able to continue what he started when he was a Tiger," Sherrie Handrinos, with Verlander's foundation, Wins for Warriors, told WDIV.

Verlander’s foundation put on an event called 1000 Christmas Salutes. Families were able to come to The War Memorial and enjoy a meal, watch a movie in the downstairs movie theater and get a chance to see Santa Claus, who arrives in an unforgettable fashion: via helicopter.

"Somebody at that high level of his profession and has so many other things going on in his life, to look out for other people who might not be able to do stuff like this, to have opportunities like this, it is cool," U.S. Army veteran, James Bucy told WDIV. 

Verlander started the same event for veteran families in Houston.

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What an amazing morning!!! We filled Dave & Buster’s in Houston, TX with military and veteran families to celebrate the...

Posted by Wins For Warriors Foundation on Saturday, December 15, 2018