Texans owner Bob McNair: I regret apologizing for inmates comment

HOUSTON – Houston Texans owner Bob McNair told the Wall Street Journal he regretted apologizing for his comments last year that the NFL was at risk of having the inmates running the prison.

McNair made the comments about NFL players protesting the national anthem in October at the NFL owners meeting.

"The main thing I regret is apologizing," McNair told WSJ. "I really didn't have anything to apologize for."

According to NBC Sports, McNair told WSJ the inmates he was referring to were league executives, who he felt had more control over major decisions than the owners, and not the players.

McNair said he thinks if people were offended, that just means they didn't understand what he meant, NBC Sports reported.

"In business, it's a common expression. But the general public doesn't understand it, perhaps," McNair told WSJ.

McNair last month said, "Our playing field is not the place for political statements. It's the place for football."

"Fans are upset about it. The fans are our customers. You can replace the owners and the league would survive. You can replace the players, although the game won't be as good. You can't replace the fans. If you don't have the fans, you're dead," he said.

The Texans told KPRC2 they have no comment about the Wall Street Journal article.

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