Nephew of Barry Bonds, HBU's Braxton Bonds, doesn't let family ties get in way of success

HOUSTON – Houston Baptist University basketball's point guard Braxton Bonds is leading the team in assists and averaging almost 10 points per game.

While the sophomore transfer is making a name for himself on the basketball court, word has also gotten around campus that he is the nephew of Major League Baseball's all-time home-run leader Barry Bonds.

Braxton says the Bonds family's primary sport was baseball, but he was a fan of basketball. "My family was pretty much baseball all the way, but I was like, I can't do this, this sport's too boring for me."

Huskies head coach Ron Cottrell says Braxton's demeanor is much different than one would expect given the fact he has a famous uncle.

"He's very understated, very mild-mannered. Very different than what you would perceive Braxton to be as being Barry Bonds' nephew," Cottrell said.

Braxton enjoys, and takes to heart, the advice he gets from his Uncle Barry.

"Just work hard. That's what he's always told me. And to not listen to negative stuff. You know, throughout his career he's had a lot of negative people say things to him and he's just like stick with your support group and listen to the people that are positive and bringing you up," Braxton said.