Chicago Cubs fire DJ, apologize for song selection

DJ played song after Aroldis Chapman pitched


CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs fired a DJ and apologized for a song played after Cubs' reliever Aroldis Chapman left the mound during Sunday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals, ESPN reports.

The Prodigy song, "Smack my B---- Up" played over the Wrigley Field sound system, the Chicago Tribune reports.  The Cubs declined to name the DJ who selected the song.

The Cubs' President Crane Kenney released a statement Monday and apologized  for the "irresponsible music selection" during the game, according to the Tribune.

"The selection of this track showed a lack of judgment and sensitivity to an important issue," Kenney said.  "We have terminated our relationship with the employee responsible for making the selection and will be implementing stronger controls to review and approve music before public broadcast during our games."

Chapman served a 30-game suspension when he played for the New York Yankees to start the season, the Tribune reports.  The suspension was a result of a alleged domestic-violence incident in which Chapman was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing eight bullets in his garage.  Chapman was never arrested and wasn't charged.

ESPN reports police didn't file charges citing insufficient evidence, conflicting stories and uncooperative witnesses.