Daily Craig: Headline War

HOUSTON – I was just about to call out DeAndre Hopkins for not showing up to Texans camp, when he did show up. I decided THE TEXANS would be the topic of the day right after the Astros and Dallas GAVE UP 6 in the first in DETROIT.  THE TIGERS swept their 2nd straight series and I have to say this:  DALLAS, GRAB A RAZOR. IT'S TIME TO SHAVE. As for HOPKINS VS. TEXANS it was not much to write home about. DeAndre wants to MAKE MORE MONEY and THE FOOTBALL TEAM pointed out he already has a valid contract and picking up nearly one half million in bonus cash just for being in camp 5 days isn't something to leave on the table.

I have to give the McNAIR GROUP the edge in the AUGUST LEAD STORY war. The NF-HELL TRAINING CAMP is always a big deal and this year is no different. Just about the time you think THE ASTROS might rule the month, they lose 5 of 6 and see a pretty tough Toronto group the next 4 days. THE TEXANS will only see each other, but fans will flock to the open practices and baseball will be lucky to make the 3rd story on TV.  We know they won't make any of the radio shows. That is all football, all the time.

I guess I COULD ALSO give the DYNAMO a rap on the knuckles for trading GILES BARNES, but most Houston fans wouldn't know what I WAS TALKING ABOUT.