Daily Craig: I miss the Russians

HOUSTON – When we think of the Russians these days we aren't nearly as upset as we used to be. They supposedly hacked Hillary Clinton and for a few moments at least, we knew they were the bad guys and girls. Perhaps the hacking was in response to their track team getting the "NO GO" from the Olympic people. A few of their swimmers were juicing too and they now can only do the "back stroke". My late dad used to tell me all sports were fixed so it was just a waste of time to wonder if we would get more gold than the Russians. We still hold in high regard a hockey win over the Ruskies in the 1980 games. At a function years ago U.S. HOCKEY HERO , Mike Eruzione was speaking and former Oakland Raider Bob Golic asked  how long was he gonna milk that gold medal.

My memory of their hockey team was an exhibition game against the Indy Racers. The equipment kid told me they never used the showers after the game and stole all the towels. THE IRANIANS are the dreaded group these days, but it's still no contest. In the 90's the U.S. sent the Olympics Wrestling team to Iran for an exhibition. The team marched into the arena behind the stars and stripes. One of the Iranian translators said it was the first time he had seen the U.S. FLAG when some one wasn't burning it.

EAST GERMANY was hated for a long time in the Olympics. Now those ladies with all the muscles are no where to be see. I sure wish the Russians hadn't cheated. We are short on countries to root against.