Daily Craig: 13 is lucky number

As a kid and into my "formative" years I was always looking to add some cash to my bank account. One of the ways was a game common in the Midwest, not so in some other parts of the country. BASEBALL WAS THE GAME and the 13 RUN Pool was a favorite at the VFW and your neighborhood saloon. THE ASTROS did something not many 13 runners have seen lately. THE ASTROS scored 13 times in consecutive games. That alone wouldn't win you money as the players pick one team and then chalk up a win when the team completes scoring 0 through 13 during any stretch of the season.

But we all agreed, scoring 13 in a game was difficult. 0-1-2-3 seemed the most common. I won the pool once at an AMERICAN LEGION HALL in Illinois. As I recall, the amount of drinks I had to buy for the other players probably dropped my total by quite a bit. I don't encourage this type of behavior.

The Royals were lucky they weren't "run ruled" in those two games. Of course, Astros fans were no doubt saying "OH SURE, now you hammer those guys. Where were those bats LAST YEAR when the Royals took out Houston in their run to the WORLD SERIES?