Daily Craig: It's getting better

The Astros are going in the right direction but the dreaded Rangers are next. You can't have a rivalry if one team never beats the other. The A'S learned that by bringing a five game winning streak to Houston only to have their hopes trashed in three straight games. Ok, I AM OVER DRAMATIZING the last three games, but when one week your team is 11 under .500 and two short weeks later you are just two under, that is pretty good stuff. If completing the sweep yesterday wasn't enough, it was also the whatever birthday of ORBIT.

Orbit replaced Junction Jack in a sweeping takeover of the Jim Crane era. The Jack we knew and sort of liked was replaced by the Orbit thing we loved in the Dome or where ever he or it came from. We are not sure how old Orbit was but he was given quite a party by the other mascots in town like Clutch and Toro. I recall the announcers discussing possible birthday presents.

What didn't make the team's birthday list was, in my opinion, the best suggestion ever. Geoff Blum simply stated, "How about some pants?" That said it all for me. Do you really want your mascot to not wear trunks or trousers, or something on his green bottom?  I for one don't want that thing sitting on my lap. I rest my case.