Daily Craig: Throwback Thursday

As the French are just getting word of their losses at Puebla, I wanted to go back to last night. The Touchdown Club of Houston celebrated its 50th anniversary. I have been a member, board member, and frequent emcee for 36 of those years.

Last night we saluted Archie Manning as the Touchdowner of the year. Along the way he was asked to send us some highlights of his years with the Saints. "I didn't have any" was his response. Kidding aside, the family Manning has done very well. In addition to honoring Archie the club honored itself.

Over the years millions have been raised for the area high schools. Weight room and other athletic equipment is given to HISD each year. The club honors scholarship and has been aligned with the College Football Foundation for years and members can vote for HALL OF FAME candidates. The people there last night were memorable too. Jerry Levias, the first African American to play in the SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE.  Mac Haik, known as the famous car dealer, was all world at OLE MISS and caught the first touchdown pass in the history of the Astrodome. Over 100 former players came and everyone is in one HALL OF FAME or another. Some like Baylor QB DON TRULL are in as many as three different halls.

I salute my friends at the TD CLUB. I have always remembered watching and listening to the great football stories. SPIKE DYKES has coached for 42 years. After his Tech team beat Oklahoma, he got a call from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.  He was so excited he cut himself shaving. Turned out S.I. WAS OFFERING HIM a cut rate subscription. That is football comedy for you.