Daily Craig: I had other things in mind

There are several reasons why ROCKETS FANS have given up on the current version. I asked several people I came in contact with the past few days why they haven given up. Their names will remain secret since I usually alter their quotes or just make things up. I AM PREPARING for a life in politics. Let's call this the ROCKETS CAUCUS. Voting isn't necessary and any thing positive is usually forgotten.

One man told me "I am sick of the pick and roll". Another claimed to have been washing his car throughout the entire regular season. "I want it to look good for the 3 games the Rockets will end up playing in the postseason". He had a very nice looking Saturn.  4 men playing chess near Rice University declined to comment telling me to stop breaking their concentration. "Who do you think you are, JAMES HARDEN?"
A young lady in a Matt Bullard replica shirt said "The team never seems to able to pass a physical in Detroit"

It was bad enough to be swept in the 2 game series with the Pistons but not passing a physical was the final straw. Speaking of Detroit, I once did a coaches show for a long time scout of that team, Will Robinson. He was also the head coach at Illinois St. For 2 seasons I did his TV SHOW in Peoria and for a total of 22 shows he called me Ronnie. Ok, that has nothing to do with the Rockets but I always found that weird.

Two little fans playing Horse were next on my list.  'WE LOVE THE ROCKETS, NO MATTER WHAT" yelled one of them. "My dad took us to 4 games this year and Houston lost all 4, but the food was good". We can't wait for PLAYOFF HOT DOGS"  They both said they remembered when the team won home games. i gotta see if Daryl Morey is still a genius.  This is Ronnie Roberts on click2houston.