Daily Craig: Hold your applause

I was a political science major in college but readily admit I find little science in politics. I watched the returns from New Hampshire and realized the guy who finished 2nd among the Republicans seemed more excited than THE DONALD. Trump had more than twice the votes of the GUY FROM OHIO,  but somehow 2nd is cool. i somehow don't think THE PANTHERS believe that. Donald is now President of New Hampshire. In the event he can't serve, give the crown to the BUCKEYE. Bernie Sanders (no relation to the Colonel) won the Dems race. I know for certain the lady who was 2nd didn't celebrate.

I started to watch the Rockets and Warriors but it dawned on me I didn't need that. I didn't watch the Broncos parade either. I also didn't call any experts to have them explain to me why Johnny Football IS NOW Johnny Knucklehead. Quit worrying about what kind of QB he might be and settle for Normal Citizen if that is even remotely possible. We all know people who could have the world if only they didn't screw up almost every day.

I drove by Minute Maid Park and the roof was open. I noticed the big pictures on the side of the stadium feature THE CY YOUNG WINNER and the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Wow, how times have changed. Two years ago those huge posters were a hot dog and a beer. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but REALLY GOOD PLAYERS make a long season worth it.  i  LIKE IT when the ASTROS are good. I gotta see if the pine tar is still cooking..