Houston Texans player: Cryotherapy provides relief off the field

 A non-invasive hyper-cooling treatment is becoming wildly popular among those seeking quick pain relief, a boost of energy and much more.  For one well-known local athlete, it's been life-changing.

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is no stranger to hard knocks.  He has taken some big hits and it's taken its toll.

That's when other pro athletes told him about cryotherapy.

Cushing told KPRC Channel 2, "First time I tried it was in 2011. I went to the (Houston) Rockets facility and they were nice enough to let me use it and I just noticed right away how impactful it was."

Glo Sun Spa co-owner Cristina Cooker said many people are drawn to the cryochamber because it boosts your energy while decreasing inflammation.

Cooker said, "We have got many people that come in for injuries. So you've got muscle, tendon, joint pain.  It's really great for that. It's really, really good for anti-aging. It boosts your metabolism. From a wellness aspect, it's really great for stress, anxiety. It helps people with insomnia sleep better."

Clients stay in the chamber for up to three minutes, if you can stand it!

Cooker explained, "(The cryochamber) fills up with nitrogen oxide. That air that surrounds you is negative 220 degrees. It brings your skin down to 30 degrees."

The first time was a shocker for Cushing.

He said, "Cold! Very cold! I was a little shocked how cold it was, but it's one of those things you get used to as the time went along. The benefits that I got, I thought it was something that was very good for me."

Cushing said he steps in the cryochamber about three times a week.

He explained, "The soreness, the aches, the body aches, the things from playing football and being an athlete were diminishing becoming less and less and that was something I was grateful for."

He added, "Just do it.  Don't think too much about it. Just get in there and it'll be over soon enough!

Cryotherapy sessions at Glo Sun Spa cost 20 dollars the first time, then 65 dollars per session.

Packages are also available.

Cryotherapy is not yet FDA approved as a medical treatment, so talk to your doctor before trying it.