Daily Craig: He's in the big time pay line

HOUSTON – In case you missed it, and I think some might have, the U OF HOUSTON has upped the salary of it's football coach by a bunch. Tom Herman could walk down any street in the GALLERIA OR UP TOWN OR MIDTOWN, OR OUT OF TOWN, and not many, if any of the working stiffs in the greater Houston area would recognize him. In fact, Tillman Fertita would be in the same boat. The 2 guys you don't recognize got together to give the football dude a major salary increase. He will make more than  the Saltgrass Steakhouse Chain according to the new deal. $3 mill per year is the number thrown around. Why would the local school do this you ask? Why to keep him at the school and to make sure he remains a customer of the TDECU. Mr. Fertita is the chair of the group that makes that sort of decision. How times have changed. Go back 30 years and Bill Yeoman should have been making 30 million per year. He won a whole lot of games and if you are keeping score, I know it's more than 10.

The salary increase has been done to keep Herman where he is although the sweet songs of South Carolina and the other USC have come calling along with the cheers of about 10 more schools. Herman hasn't really beaten a number of schools ranked in any of the polls. His team's biggest wins have come at Louisville before Louisville was branded as average, and then that come from behind win over Memphis. Memphis, like Louisville, is a basketball school that has a football team. We will see if the COOGS can beat another school that has 2 basketball teams (UCONN) before finishing the season with a school that has SUBMARINES AND SEALS. If that turns out OK THEN HERMAN deserves an increase.I gotta think, however, it shouldn't be more than the SECRETARY OF THE NAVY makes.