Katy High School shows support for its football team ahead of state championship

KATY, Texas – Ahead of the 6-A Division II State Championship game, a pep rally was held at Katy High School to make sure the football team had a proper send-off.

The football team arrived in fire trucks and the Tigers mascot even arrived by helicopter. Hundreds of fans gathered to show their support for the Tigers.

"I'm super excited about the crowd support tonight and the whole town coming out to support the boys. I can't wait to see my boys play Cedar Hill. I hope we win," said Andrea Hartman.

The Tigers will face off against the Cedar Hill Longhorns. This isn't the first time they have met on the field fighting for the state championship title. This is the third consecutive year they've played each other for it. Katy won in 2012, but in 2013, the Longhorns took the title, and this year the Tigers are hoping to get it back.

"It's a different year and a different team, at the same time, they are a good football team," said Tigers head coach Gary Joseph. "They've had a good football team. Our kids respect them and I think that's one of the things you have to view going in and they understand we have to play mistake-free football."

Running back Rodney Henderson said they can do just that and win the title.

We are obviously very excited and determined to show people that we can finish," he said.

As for the pre-game jitters, players said it won't be anything they can't handle.

"There's always nerves just a little bit, but we can use that to our advantage and use it to play all that much better and faster," Henderson said.

"I like the pressure, it helps me do better," said kicker Kris Perez.

"There's no greater place in the United States or in Texas for you to raise your son to play football, there football program is number one," said parent James Phillip.