Inside Top Golf in West Houston

HOUSTON – There is a way you can experience all the fun of the Shell Houston Open with none of the pressure of playing a full round.

It is all thanks to Top Golf, an expansive three-story driving range in west Houston.

"Golf is an intimidating sport.  This takes the intimidation out of it," said Jonathan Buckley, Top Golf Manager.

The facility has everything from downstairs pool tables and shuffle board to a bar and dining room.  There is even a roof deck for private parties and a disc jockey on Thursday nights.

"It allows you to have fun ...something that people are afraid to do on a golf course or a regular driving range, you just don't get that," said Buckley.

Besides the social atmosphere, what sets Top Golf apart is the technology.  Each ball is embedded with a microchip to track your stats.

"From there it registers the yardage the ball traveled, what target it went into and how many points you got depending on what game you're playing," said Buckley.

However, the golfing experience might take a back seat to fun for some people.

"It's something that you can bring out a scratch group of golfers they can be as competitive as they want or you can bring out people that have never played the game and they can have just as much fun," said Buckley.