Matthews family tradition now at Texas A&M

Jake, Mike Matthew

COLLEGE STATION – Football has long been a part of the family tradition fro the Matthews clan.

Jake and Mike Matthews are now teammates once again. At one point it was at Elkins High School not long ago where they enjoyed the magic of the Friday Night Lights.

"Its something people in Texas take seriously. They go to games for years and proud to be a part of," Jake Matthews said.

Now, both have begun their next phase, landing in College Station where they now both play for Texas A&M.

"At first I leaned on him a lot," said Mike Matthews. "I didn't know anybody and it was awkward to be honest."

"I've always told him, you have it so good. I'm showing him the ropes. learning a lot, we're having a good time hanging out with the players", said Jake Matthews.

Jake is a junior while Mike is a true freshman for the Aggies. They lived together growing up and things are not changing in Aggieland. Yes, they are roommates and dealing with the issues all roommates face.

When asked who is the sloppiest in the apartment?

"We've both been pretty sloppy," said Mike.  "I have Gatorade bottles by my bed and I'm too lazy to pick them up.  There's also no time to wash clothes other than Sunday so we throw them on the ground."

Jake and Mike carry the Matthews name with pride.  Let's just say when you have a famous father like they do, in former Oiler and Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, they learned early what it takes to be successful between the lines.

"They are real good kids," Bruce Matthews said from Titans camp in Nashville. "They do things the right way,  play hard, work hard and study hard."

"He mentors us in everything in life," said Jake. "Not many people can say my dad played 19 years in the league and I go home to that every day. We are blessed to have him as a father for sure."

Houston's first family of football has long produced talent. so, with 7 kids in all, are Jake and Mike the best?

"I don't see why not," said Bruce. "We left a bunch on the table, there is plenty for them to accomplish!"