How to ensure your home and yard are ready amid holiday celebrations

ABC Home and Commercial Services hangs Christmas lights. (ABC Home and Commercial Services.)

Ahhh, it’s finally the sweet time of year when the holidays arrive.

It’s a welcomed time, as we see cooler (and more bearable) temperatures, but there are things to be aware of when it comes to your house, as the weather changes.

Here are a few things to be aware of, ahead of all the hang-out time that’s in your near future.


ABC Home and Commercial Services checks for rodents. (ABC Home and Commercial Services.)

As you go up into the attic to begin getting your holiday decor, you may notice chewing marks on various items, as well as droppings in tunneling and insulation.

As temperatures cool off, rodents will be spending more time in the attic, so ABC professionals recommend ensuring now that your home has no entry points for those rodents to make their way inside.

Your house

After you get down the decorations, you might be looking around the outside of your home and realizing it could use some cleaning up.

Before the hanging of decorations begins, a simple power washing, window washing and gutter cleaning can create a perfect canvas.

Christmas lights

ABC Home and Commercial Services hangs a Christmas wreath. (ABC Home and Commercial Services.)

The hanging of lights can make your home a welcoming place for holiday gatherings, and they are so much fun to have, but they can be a chore to put up.

That’s a lot to think about doing among all the other things going on this time of year: Planning gatherings, Christmas shopping, working and all the other daily things that keep us busy.

When it’s time to hang lights for the holidays, ABC Home and Commercial Service professionals can help hang wreaths, wrap trees, line driveways and make your house the merriest on the block.

They can even custom design your Christmas lights so that they are exactly what you have been dreaming of. When the holidays are over, ABC will return to safely pack your lights for next year.

Your yard

As spending time outside sounds more appealing, consider the look and health of your yard.

We’re approaching the time when we might begin to see brown patches attacking your lawn. Fungicide applications can be used to treat your lawn, therefore preventing disease from spreading.

You can also schedule an irrigation diagnostic test to ensure your yard is being watered accordingly for the season.

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