Striking a balance in your cleaning routine might save you from going crazy

A clean, gorgeous kitchen. (Mark McCammon/Pexels)

Did your cleaning routine go crazy over the past year?

If you’re shaking your head yes, just know that you’re not alone.

A frequent question about cleaning during the ongoing pandemic is, “How much is too much?”

And really, the questions only go on from there. How often should we be disinfecting? How much bleach is too much? How can we keep our homes clean, healthy and safe for the family?

Erin Chase -- known to some online as “The $5 Dinner Mom,” and also a “Cleanfluencer” for the Houston-based company AIEn USA-- addressed these questions and more in a recent blog.

You can watch in the video below as well, as she shares her secrets to disinfecting easily and inexpensively, and the importance of striking a balance in your cleaning routine with green products like ones from Art of Green.

Chase says it’s all about these five steps:

No. 1: Washing your hands before and after every cleaning session.

No. 2: Cranking up the tunes or podcasts. Dial up your favorite peppy music or podcast host and listen while you clean.

No. 3: Setting up a cleaning caddy for easy and convenient cleaning sessions.

No. 4: Disinfecting the right areas.

No. 5: Using naturally derived cleaning products to balance the harsher bleach-based products.

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They’re award-winning, too, the company says. The Art of Green naturally derived all-purpose sprays and wipes were each chosen as a 2020 Product Of the Year, the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.

Also notable: This is a company that keeps community top of mind.

AIEn USA -- the maker of Cloralen bleach, Pinalen and the naturally derived Art of Green all-purpose cleaners -- donated more than 46,000 bottles of product to the Houston Food Bank in 2020, to aid struggling families who are having difficulty finding and affording cleaning products during the COVID-19 crisis.

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