Hoping to nail that perfect Halloween costume? 5 convincing reasons to consider a thrift store

A peek inside Goodwill. (Photo provided by Goodwill Houston)

Halloween is lurking just around the corner, and considering the holiday is synonymous with all things costume-related, we thought we’d ask: Have you started brainstorming or shopping yet?

Better yet, where do you go to assemble the perfect costume -- and at the same time, avoid breaking the bank?

Whether you only have yourself to worry about, or you’ll be arranging costumes for the whole family, thrift stores just might be your answer.

Sure, you could hit up one of those massive superstores or check out some options online, but who wants to battle the crowds or wait around for an Amazon order, only to discover that those “perfect” shoes just don’t fit properly?

Thrift stores are made for Halloween shopping.

Here are five reasons why.

1.) The deals.

Goodwill, for example, is an excellent place to find incredible deals on Halloween costumes. The prices are low, so you can save your hard-earned cash for other Halloween goodies: treats, festive decorations for your front porch, or maybe even a small get-together with friends or family. You shouldn’t have to blow your whole budget on an outfit you or your child will wear for one day.

A peek inside Goodwill. (Photo provided by Goodwill Houston)

Goodwill allows you to “ball on a budget,” as the saying goes, and then when the holiday is over, you can even donate your costume back to the store. You’ll get karma points, you’ll feel good about it, and then you won’t have a $120 Etsy costume gathering dust in the back of your closet for years to come. Win-win-win!

2.) The originality factor.

Not only did we mention the insanely good deals, but you won’t have to sacrifice a cool costume when you shop somewhere like Goodwill. If you want to put together an original look, a thrift shop is the place to do it.

These stores are excellent when it comes to assembling something a little more unique than what you might find at a traditional shop -- that five of your friends might be sporting on Instagram this October. A truly special costume often involves little personal touches and fun finds. You can typically track these down and make the magic happen at thrift stores.

3.) The reliability.

“Goodwill is like an old family friend that always helps in a bind,” wrote a Click2Houston.com colleague in a recent online article all about finding Halloween costumes.

She detailed her extensive experience shopping at Goodwill over the years.

“Halloween dances were probably the easiest to shop for. Poodle skirt, check. White button down, check. Black flats, check. The satisfaction that you’re wearing probably the most high-quality and authentic outfit on the dance floor? Priceless. Now that I have a family of my own, I understand the allure of Goodwill. Standard prices across the store. Stable inventory in a variety of trusted areas. Gems when you dig, ya dig? Get digging, ladies and gents. Halloween is on its way.”


A peek inside Goodwill. (Photo provided by Goodwill Houston)

4.) The selection.

The possibilities for finding something different to wear are going to be endless when you shop at a thrift store.

Goodwill has it all: from vintage to modern to classic. Whatever you can dream up and find on the racks, you can bring to life. When you’re shopping, it’s almost like a choose-your-own-adventure experience for your wardrobe -- or in this case, your costume.

Many items are individually priced and well-priced, too. That’s saying a lot, considering the vast selection. You’ll definitely be able to find something for every member of your family.

5.) You’re paying it forward.

When you shop at Goodwill Houston, you’re helping to change lives through the power of work, which is a mission the company really values.

In fact, 2020 marks Goodwill Houston’s 75th year serving the local community. Since 1945, Goodwill Houston has been committed to providing opportunities to those with traditional barriers to employment. Donations, and the items people purchase in-store, support Goodwill’s ability to provide free job training, education and job opportunities to thousands every year.

A peek inside Goodwill. (Photo provided by Goodwill Houston)

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