5 reasons why private banking is your best option

Personalization, trust, sense of community separates private banks from the rest

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For those searching for a trustworthy bank to handle their financial matters, the best place to look is for a private banker knowledgeable about the industry that understands your goals and objectives, some experts say.

Why is that the case?

Here are five advantages to having a private banker.


When going the route of private banking, conversations and consultations are done with professionals that take the time to know you and your situation -- often, in person. It isn’t a case of someone in a place far away handling your business and not knowing your financial particulars. Imagine the stress of obtaining a mortgage. You want to work with a person face to face.


The improvement of technology comes at a cost, mainly in the name of data breaches and cyber criminals. But private bankers work closely with clients to ensure your money and financial information is safe. To read tips on how to keep an account safe, check out this article on Veritex Community Bank’s website.

FDIC Insured

Most banks have backing from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insures deposits in banks and institutions for at least $250,000. The FDIC monitors financial institutions to make sure they aren’t being too risky with transactions and behavior.

Invested in community

Private bankers are often all about the communities they serve. They usually live in the communities they work and committed to ensure they are vibrant.

Veritex Community Bank is one such institution committed to helping out the communities it serves, whether it’s sports leagues, charities, schools and business associations. For a full list of organizations supported by Veritex Community Bank, click or tap here.


Whether you are a home shopper looking for a mortgage, an existing homeowner looking to refinance, a business owner, or just searching for the right place to balance your checking and savings accounts, a private banker will offer local solutions ready to meet your needs.

Local professionals who know the market and pulse on the community are invaluable resources. For all the services that can be provided in Texas, click here.