The do’s and don’ts of donating your used clothes at Goodwill Houston

It’s almost the season of purging

Goodwill takes tons of donations. (Goodwill.)

Maybe you’re moving, or perhaps there’s just too much clutter in your life and you need to purge some things.

Donating your gently used items and clothes you no longer wear is a great way to organize your life and help someone in need.

But before you head over to your local Goodwill, there are some things you should know about donating used clothes.


  • Carefully go through your used clothes and make sure they’re up to par. That means no stains, rips, holes or anything that would make your items unwearable.
  • Make sure all the pockets of pants and shorts are empty. You never know if a random $5 bill is hiding somewhere.
  • Think about donating things like used kitchen appliances, plates or even used games and movies.


  • While all donations are appreciated, be sure that, when sifting through your used items, you’re steering away from donating clothing like underwear and well-worn socks.
  • Make sure if you’re donating an old appliance like a blender or toaster oven, check to see if it works. You might think the old blender works, but it’s always best to test it out beforehand.
  • Some people like to donate used games or DVDs to Goodwill, so it’s important to make sure those items work as well. If it’s a game, check to see that all the pieces are there so someone can play it. If it’s an old movie, make sure it’s in good condition.

Next time you notice your closet is overfilled with clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in years, consider donating them.

For more information on how you can donate your used items to a Goodwill near you, click here.