Royal Wedding Countdown: An inside look

HOUSTON – The royal wedding is less than a month away. A royal expert sat down with Sofia Ojeda to answer some of the wedding day's biggest questions.

From the dress, the jewels,  the honeymoon, and the venue. There is so much planning for the big day in Kensington Palace.

The couple has invited more than 2,600 members of the public to Windsor Castle on their big day to watch their arrival.

The much-anticipated ceremony is to be at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, breaking from royal tradition.

"Choosing Windsor, Harry and Meghan are breaking away from the normal a bit. Although Windsor has hosted over a dozen royal weddings in the past, they want to distance themselves from London and the 2011 nuptials and have something a bit different and alternative. Windsor is the queen’s favorite home. We associate her with Buckingham Palace but she spends her weekends in Windsor so having it in St. George’s Chapel is convenient to the queen at 92 and her husband Prince Phillip, who’s 96," royal expert Camilla Tominey said.

The public will also be treated to a carriage procession as the royal couple rides into the sunset.
As for the royal couple's 600 closest friends and family -- who made the guest list and who did not?

"We know for certain there aren’t going to be any heads of state invited so none of the Trumps, Obamas, maybe not even the Trudeaus in Canada. The couple decided it’s going to be all or nothing. That includes Prime Minister Theresa May -- she’s not going. Equally, I think we’re going to see some celebrities at the wedding (such as) Serena Williams. Also some of Meghan’s co-stars from Suits," Tominey said.

We also need to know about that dress! Or will it be two dresses?

Meghan is free-spirited, said Tominey, so we may see a flowing gown.

A designer that used to work for British fashion powerhouse Burberry has been thrown into the ring.
Another designer, Ralph and Rousso, also a possibility.

"Quite frankly, we just don’t know and we won’t know until Meghan makes her appearance the morning of the wedding and all the bookmakers will have to pay out or not. But I think people think she might be a bit alternative --  her style is a bit “boho” it’s not structured as we’re used to for the Duchess of Cambridge," Tominey said.

There is also that chance there could be a second dress.

When Princess Kate got married, they had a daytime ceremony and she later changed into a different dress for the evening.

And we can't forget about the sweet wedding tradition of "something borrowed."

"There’s talk of Meghan wearing something borrowed. The royal family has plenty of crown jewels. We’re thinking she might borrow the Spencer Tiara – the headpiece Princess Diana wore on her wedding day."

 As for the honeymoon, the location has not been nailed down yet.

There are eight possible locations from countries in Africa to Italy, Greece, the Caribbean -- even Las Vegas made the list.

We will have to wait and see.

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