Who to call if you see a pet left outdoors in the cold

Protecting our pets is one of the first things we are told to do when dangerously cold weather moves into the area. According to the Houston Humane Society , pets cannot survive in temperatures less than 10 degrees. Any animal left outdoors during this time is in serious danger. There is help available if you see an animal out in the cold.

See a pet left out in the cold?

The Houston Humane Society is urging people to keep an eye out for pets left alone. You can report pets left unattended outside for extended periods in freezing weather by calling 832-927-PAWS. You can also fill out a comment on the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce, but calling the number will be a faster way to get help.

5 things to do to help make bringing your pets inside easier

For pet owners who are bringing their pets inside, the Houston Humane Society has a few tips to help make the transition into the house a little easier. Sometimes bringing a pet used to being in the yard indoors is not easy and this advice can help both the pets and their owners.

  • Make room for your pets indoors. Set aside blankets or towels in a specific area for your pet to lay on. A smaller area like the garage or laundry room can be a nice spot to set up for your animals.
  • Get creative when making a space. Help your pet know the area they should be staying in by arranging baby gates, crates or boxes around the area. They will feel safer knowing where they should be and what you expect from them.
  • Find pet toys. Toys are a great way to keep our pet entertained while indoors. The Houston Humane Society gives examples like a Kong toy with peanut butter for dogs or a toy with catnip for cats.
  • Establish a potty routine. Designate a time to go outdoors or a place for the pets to use the potty. One space indoors can be designated for a potty area if you have potty training pads to lay on the ground. You should be taking your pet outdoors in the morning and before nightfall to use the restroom.

Protect strays

Leave blankets or towels in an enclosed space outdoors for the stray cats to go into. When you do leave your home make sure to knock on the hood of your vehicle to warn any cats who may be sleeping on the engine block.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also reminded people to bring their pets indoors.

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