Houston Newsmakers: Buzbee runs for mayor; Sandy Hook mom's mission

Self-funding Buzbee confident he can beat incumbent Turner

HOUSTON – Tony Buzbee announced in October 2018 that he would run for mayor of the City of Houston.

The Houston attorney is paying for his campaign with $6 million of his own money and said he will accept no outside donations because he wants no expectations of payback.

“I won’t be answering to any campaign donators. I won’t be answering to people who may have endorsed me. I won’t be looking to enrich a friend or a former business partner,” he said. “I’ll be just trying to do my best to make the city of Houston better.”

He has no political experience, but says that is good thing and feels good about his chances.

“There’s a chance I win it outright,” he said. “Our campaign has been like a grass fire. But yeah, there’s no doubt we’ll make the runoff. And when we make the runoff, we’ll win single-handily.”

Buzbee discusses why he can beat Mayor Sylvester Turner, his criticisms of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, what he says has been a mishandled proposition B implementation for firefighter pay equity and more.

Sandy Hook moms turn grief into mission for school safety

The nation can’t forget that day in December 2012 when 20 children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Now, mothers of students killed have turned their grief into a passion for school safety.

Michele Gay’s daughter Josephine, also known as Joey, was 7 years old.

Alissa Parker’s daughter, Emilie, was 6 years old and Joey’s classmate.

They are two of the co-founders of Safe and Sound Schools, a nonprofit organization that takes them around the country reminding parents of their power to make their schools safe.  

“Help them see how much power they actually have and feel inspired,” said Parker. “That’s really what our message is all about is letting parents know that they are the changemakers and that they all can contribute in their own unique ways."

"It’s parents, students, teachers, architects, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical. It’s everybody,” Gay said. “It really is all hands on deck. That’s how we’re going to make sure that our schools are safe.”

Watch this week’s NEWSMAKERS EXTRA to find out what you need to do to make sure your school is safe and to connect with the Safe and Sound Schools organization.

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