Houston Newsmakers for March 24: Fresh Start court program saves time, money, jail time

Judge says it's a chance to make things right

HOUSTON – Houston's Municipal Courts Department has announced its Fresh Start Spring Amnesty Program, which runs until April 6.  

It’s designed so that people with delinquent tickets, civil cases, bond forfeitures and other outstanding violations can come in and pay reduced fines to get their cases resolved. Judge J. Elaine Marshall is the residing judge and director of the Houston Municipal Court and is a guest on this week’s "Houston Newsmakers EXTRA."

Marshall says this program is for citations issued in Houston, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe if you live in another jurisdiction.

“If you get stopped in Spring, and those police agencies are on the same network and can see if you have warrants, the chances of you getting arrested in those cities on a City of Houston warrant is a possibility," she said. 

Marshall said to call 311 to find out if you have warrants or go to the courts website or call 713-837-0311.

More information about the program on this week’s Houston Newsmakers EXTRA. 

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