Houston Newsmakers for Oct. 30: Record voter turn out, legal help for abused and kids' meals

HOUSTON – With a record number of voters heading to the polls this election season, the question is how will it impact local and national results. Jay Aiyer is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Texas Southern University and says there are many variables that affect this year’s results.

“There’s a whole lot of new voters in the system,” he said.  “Traditionally new voters tend to… the governing argument has always been that it favors democrats. You get a new pool of voters in.” 

The question then will be how Harris County will react.

That topic and more is discussed on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

David Jennings is the blogger and founder of www.Bigjollypolitics.com  He is a conservative Republican and says one of the impacts could be a change in the District Attorney’s office in Harris County. “The Republicans right now at the state level and national level are really focused in on criminal justice reform and if we really want to make that happen then I think we have to have a change at the Harris county level, the biggest county in Texas” Much more on this week’s program.


Sherri Kendall is CEO of Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse and says her organization provides free legal support for victims of domestic abuse. She says that many times just knowing about AVDA could be the difference between life and death. “We know, research tells us at least in the Houston community that many of these fatalities, these tragic fatalities we're dealing with on intimate partner violence… the victims never reached out for help.” “Crystal” was forced to jump out of a moving car to escape her abusive spouse and says AVDA has made all the difference in her being able to get back to a normal life. “Crystal” shares what led her to make the decision to call.


Beth Harp is the Executive Director of Kids’ Meals, a one of kind organization that feeds pre-school children who otherwise would not have something to eat. “We are the nations’ only Meals on Wheels for children that are pre-school age, living at home and don’t have other services. And what we know is from our surveys is that for a 3rd to a 4th of our families say this is going to be their child’s only meal of the day.“ More on Kids’ Meals goals and how you can help on this weeks’ Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

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