Sept. 29: Government shut down a good thing?

A government shutdown would be a good thing. That's according to former Rep. Tom DeLay who gives his first TV interview on "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall" since his convictions for money laundering and conspiracy were overturned.

"They'll win it if they shut it down," DeLay said as he talked about the success of the government shutdown that occurred when he was in Congress. "We had eliminated over a hundred programs, agencies and offices. That's why Clinton vetoed the bill and shut down the government. We got all that back.".

Delay says he was not at all sure his convictions would be overturned because of the unusual circumstances that led to his trial and conviction in the first place. DeLay is joined on the program by KPRC legal expert Brian Wice, who in this case acted as the appellate attorney who argued and won the conviction reversal. Wice talks about the legal reasons the decision was made.

It is a riveting conversation with the man once known as "The Hammer" for the way he was able to get the Republican agenda advanced in Congress. DeLay says the Republican Party has been starved for leadership and that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is showing what true leadership is.

Also this week, Houston Airport director Mario Diaz on the official groundbreaking scheduled for Hobby Airport on Monday, September 30. It is the start of a two-year, $150 million expansion that will make Hobby a gateway to the Americas. Diaz talks about what the plan entails and how passengers will be impacted during the construction phase.

And, William Traylor, the chairman of the board of the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce which is the second oldest such organization in the United States, comes on the program to talk about the upcoming 19th annual Pinnacle Awards celebrating the best of African American businesses in Houston.

Great conversation and information on this week's "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall." Watch it Sundays at 10 a.m., right after "Meet the Press with David Gregory."

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