Fake Spirit Halloween costumes meme parodies pop culture knockoffs

Facade of a Spirit Halloween store in Walnut Creek, California, October 15, 2022. Photo courtesy Sftm. (Photo by Gado/Getty Images) (Gado, Getty Images)

Spirit Halloween, the iconic costume and prop store, has inspired a slew of memes related to their costumes.

Deemed the “Fake Spirit Halloween Costumes” meme by database Know Your Meme, the trend originated in 2019, “when the Facebook meme page Guy Fieri’s Post-Ironic Meme Vault uploaded a picture of what appeared to be a Guy Fieri costume being sold at a Spirit Halloween, but the image itself was photoshopped to mimic the design of real costume packaging at the retailer.”

However, the trend re-emerged and “saw a significant spike in usage during the 2022 Spooktober season, when people created humorous costumes such as ‘Tech Tip Man,’” according to Know Your Meme.

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