Young volunteers from Colorado help rebuild Dickinson after Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON - Houston and the surrounding area were underwater just three months ago due to Hurricane Harvey. The need for help is still there and help is still coming.

“It kind of went around, like everyone, social media like Snapchat, everyone was posting, "Oh I'm going to Houston,'” Jessica Pool said.

So after a few of her good friends signed up, Pool, a junior at Hinkley High School in Aurora, Colorado, made the commitment.  

On Sunday morning, she boarded the bus and took the roughly 17-hour ride to Dickinson.

“Everyone was like, "Oh it was the longest trip ever,' but for me, it wasn't. I'm used to road trips like that,” Pool said.

“Our community doesn't have a lot. What we have is heart though, and to help others is a big step,” said Betty Lee, who helped organize the trip.

The whole thing began in Lee's math class. They were using the devastation of Harvey to teach when the students suggested they get down there.

“The next morning, I hit our principal up with it and he said 'Go,'” Lee said.

In fact, some of her participants had experienced flooding in their own homes.

“They went through that and they knew that they didn't get all the help they needed and they wanted to help,” Lee said.

“It's good helping out and everything,” Pool said.

The trip has even inspired a more permanent service organization at the school.

“Watch for us in the future - Heart of Hinkley. We'll be going to other places,” Lee said.

This group of kids from Colorado will be staying in Dickinson through Friday and working every single day to do what they can to help.

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