League City drought restrictions lifted

Officials continue to monitor water usage

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LEAGUE CITY, Texas - League City officials said the city is no longer on stage one of the drought contingency plan, which calls for voluntary water conservation.

A major water leak in June prompted League City to issue water restrictions.

City officials said the transmission line that carries 90 percent of League City's surface water supply had a severe leak near the intersection of Calder and Link roads.

Repair crews found a 12-inch-by-12-inch hole in the water pipe. A new pipe was installed and welded on.

The city enacted stage three of its drought contingency plan, which has the most restrictions. The city later moved to stage one

City officials said even though stage one is no longer in effect, staff will continue to monitor water usage and encourage people to be smart about how much they use.

"League City citizens have done a good job of conserving and the numbers show it. We ask that residents and businesses continue to be mindful of their water usage this summer, " said League City Manager Mike Loftin.

Officials said the drought plan may be enacted again if daily usage exceeds 75 percent of available surface water for three consecutive days.

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