Former President Bush formally endorses Mitt Romney

HOUSTON - Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, formally endorsed Mitt Romney in the race for president Thursday.

The Bush family and the Republican primary frontrunner appeared together Thursday afternoon at the former president's office in west Houston.

"He's the man to do this job and win the presidency," said Bush.

Romney is on a two-day fundraising tour through Texas, but the endorsement from the GOP establishment could help boost his campaign's momentum leading into next week's primary election in states like Wisconsin.

"I'm honored to have your endorsement and your support, and the president indicated we've been friends for some time," said Romney. "I look forward to being successful and having that endorsement by winning."

Romney did not focus on his primary opponents, such as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Instead he told reporters that the election in the fall will be a choice between two different visions for the country -- his and President Barack Obama's.

"It's an election about the course of America. I think we're on a very dangerous path," said Romney.

While the cameras where rolling on the former first couple and presidential candidate, more than a dozen protesters chanted outside of the building.

After the endorsement, Romney went to a private fundraiser where tickets ranged from $2,500 to $25,000.

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