Property taxes in Texas: This is how to check how much you’re paying, where your money is going, your proposed rate's Property Tax Transparency in Texas page, as collected on Aug. 9, 2022. (,

HOUSTON – If you’re wondering how much you’re paying in property taxes, there’s a way to check them online easily via state information that you can quickly filter down to your county.

Why should I care?

Your money is on the line.

“The budgets adopted by taxing units and the tax rates they set to fund those budgets play a significant role in determining the amount of taxes each property owner pays,” according to the state website.

Further, the website noted the importance of its website’s timely information that you need to make decisions about your taxes before things change, including protesting the proposed rate: “In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed legislation to help Texans better understand tax rates in their home county. You can access timely information about how local tax rate decisions affect your tax bill on your county’s Truth in Taxation website.”

Knowledge is power, so feel empowered to read on and go through this simple process to check on your property tax information.

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Here’s how it works:'s Property Tax Transparency in Texas page, as collected on Aug. 9, 2022. (
  • Click on “Find your county’s website”
Find Your county's website button on the website. (
  • Find your county’s link in the listing. You can use the search bar or numbered page markers at the bottom of the page to maneuver through faster.
Truth in Taxation website search (Truth in Taxation Texas website)
  • Go to your county’s page.
  • Once there, search by name, address or property identification number, or PID#, in the search bar.
Search bar on the Truth in Taxation Fort Bend County website. (Truth in Taxation Fort Bend County website)
  • Be sure to disable the pop-up blocker in your browser settings to view PDF files. For iPhones, go to Settings, Safari and turn of switch for “Block Pop-ups.”

What you’ll find

When you land on the address you’re seeking, you’ll find the account number, owner name or names, property address and the market value for the property. It’s kind of crazy to see all that information right there, but there it is, publicly available.

Here’s an example -- the Fort Bend George Memorial Library.

Search result for Fort Bend George Memorial Library on the Truth in Taxation Fort Bend County website, as collected on Aug. 9, 2022. (Truth in Taxation Fort Bend County website)

In addition, there is a summary of property taxes for the current year and previous year, as well as “no new revenue” rate taxes alongside the “proposed tax rate taxes.” This can help you compare possible increases to your property taxes.

“Truth-in-Taxation laws give taxpayers a voice in decisions that affect their property tax rates,” the website reads. “Taxing units take the first step toward adopting a tax rate by calculating and publishing the no new revenue and voter approval tax rates.”

The results page also provides a list of the proposed rates and the date and location of the public hearing to consider the tax rates. The website notes the hearings give taxpayers an opportunity to voice their opinions about the proposed tax increase.

To protest your taxes

If you don’t like what you see, there’s good news. KPRC 2′s Amy Davis broke down how to protest your property tax evaluations in an in-depth discussion with Michael Berlanga, owner of Resolutions Now, a San Antonio-based real estate business. Here’s even more to know -- happy reading.

Be sure to sound off in our poll below. We’d love to hear whether you’re planning to protest your property tax evaluation.

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