We’ve been tracking COVID-19 trends in Texas for 20 months. Take our survey to help inform what we do next.

People waited to be vaccinated against COVID-19 at the University of Texas campus in Austin on March 1. (Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune, Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune)

For the last 20 months, journalists on The Texas Tribune’s data visuals team gathered and published data on everything we know about the coronavirus in Texas on a near-daily basis. Our case tracker presents the latest on tests, cases, hospitalizations, people who died and, since early 2021, vaccinations across the state. Separately, we track cases reported in schools and hospital ICU capacity on a weekly basis.

We refined and changed the charts in our tracker dozens of times, adding new metrics to show everything from early lockdowns to last summer’s surge in delta variant cases among unvaccinated Texans. We watch the data closely to help report on trends, with stories analyzing vaccine hesitancy and a spike in deaths among Texans younger than 60.

We did this for our readers. The tracker is a clear and locally focused source of information, because so much of what happened was influenced by state and local policies. And we did it to hold the state government accountable for its response to the pandemic.

We know that readers visit the tracker every single day, and we won’t stop providing this valuable information anytime soon. But we are aware that the story is changing, and we want your feedback. How can this information be more valuable to you going forward? The survey below asks what you find useful on the page.

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