Gov. Abbott issues statewide call for prison officers to assist at border

Gov. Greg Abbott signs Senate Bill 2 and Senate Bill 3 at the Texas Capitol on Tues, Jun. 8, 2022. The omnibus power grid bills will change the states power grid and the people who oversee it.

Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statewide call on Friday for prison officers across the state to assist border sheriffs with increased arrests at the border.

Abbott said the prison officers would help border sheriffs with operating detention facilities and providing jail beds for those arrested for state charges related to the border crisis.

According to the press release, the state is seeking officers with supervisory and release experience, trained booking officers with TLETS/AFIS experience, and current or former jailers who were honorably discharged within the last two years.

“The State of Texas will not tolerate criminal activity, which is why we are stepping up to address this crisis in the Biden Administration’s absence,” said Abbott. “Part of our comprehensive efforts to secure the border include enforcing all state and federal laws, which is why we are calling on jailers and sheriffs across the state to volunteer support for our border sheriffs. Working together, we will secure the border and keep our communities safe.”

Sheriffs and prison officers who wish to assist can contact the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement at

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