Texas House bill seeks to increase penalties on catalytic converter thieves

HOUSTON – Texas lawmakers are seeking to place harsher penalties on those caught selling or buying stolen catalytic converters.

HB 4110, the new proposed bill co-authored by Rep. Gene Wu of Houston, would amend a code to require metal recycling companies to submit records when purchasing catalytic converters. The law is in response to the growing number of catalytic converters stolen from vehicles throughout Texas, KSAT reported.

The proposed law would require buyers to obtain seller information such as ID and VIN number, and to keep a copy of the certificate title or ownership documentation from the vehicle in which the catalytic converter was removed.

It also requires sellers to submit thumbprints and receive a maximum $25 cash for regulated metal if required documentation such as vehicle ownership info is submitted.

According to Rep. Wu, the penalty for stealing catalytic converters is currently a Class A misdemeanor. With the new law it becomes a felony and violators will be prosecuted by their local district attorney.

The bill is now headed to Gov. Abbott for signature. However, even without a signature, it will still take effect Sept. 1, KSAT reported.

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