Popular Texas bar will allow customers and employees to go completely maskless after March 10

Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement that the statewide mask mandate will be lifted, businesses rushed to issue statements regarding their own policies.

While some have decided to continue with their efforts to combat coronavirus by requiring customers to wear masks, others will follow Abbott’s lead in returning to normalcy.

After March 10, one of San Antonio’s most popular bars Hills and Dales Ice House will no longer require its customers or employees to wear a mask, KPRC 2′s sister-station KSAT reports.

According to the report, owner Justin Vitek was surprised by the reversal of the mask mandate but has decided to honor Abbott’s decision.

“I think a lot of people would agree that it’s a little too soon for that, including myself,” Vitek said.

According to KSAT, Vitek is leaving the decision to wear a mask up to the individual and will not turn away any maskless customers.

“If the no mask requirement makes some customers uncomfortable, Vitek said they have the option to choose a different establishment,” KSAT reports.

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