Texas quilter makes viral Bernie Sanders meme blanket for charity

Viral Bernie Sanders meme is quilted on a blanket sold to benefit the San Antonio Food Bank (Beatrice Pacheco/Ebay)

SAN ANTONIO – A Texas quilter is giving back to the community by auctioning off her Bernie Sanders blanket she made on Ebay, KSAT reported.

After the Vermont senator became viral for his coat, mittens, and his stance during the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, Beatrice “Betty” Pacheco picked up her quilting kit and made her idea a reality: a Bernie Sanders quilt to be sold for charity, after hearing the meme was being used to give back to charity.

Pacheco told KSAT she is a huge fan of Sanders and is an advocate in “paying it forward.”

Even Sanders used the meme for philanthropy, as he sold sweaters to help raise money for Meals on Wheels Vermont on his campaign website.

Pacheco’s quilt has been listed on Ebay, where all proceeds will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank. She hopes to reach as many impacted residents as possible, especially those impacted economically, KSAT reported.

As of Wednesday, the quilt is priced at $76 and is scheduled to end on Friday. To view the auction, click here.

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