Need a laugh? Check out the safety messages that won TxDOT’s digital highway sign contest

This is when the winning messages will appear on highway signs across the state

Road sign contenst
Road sign contenst (TxDOT)

Three Texans proved they’ve got a knack for funny and informative jokes. Their funny, road safety-inspired quips will appear on road signs across the state.

Last month, the Texas Department of Transportation offered witty Texans with an affinity for driving jokes the chance to see their wisecracks in big bright lights after putting out a call for new digital highway sign safety messages.

The competition, which began on Nov. 24 and ran through Dec. 8, asked Texans to submit their “best and most creative safe-driving message that is related to impaired driving (drunk or drugged driving,) distracted driving (texting while driving,) not wearing seatbelts and/or speeding.”

“The message must bring awareness to the dangers of common driver mistakes such as distracted driving, impaired driving, not using seat belts, speeding, etc,” TxDOT said in a release.

The department whittled down the entries to 10 finalists. Then, the department posted the finalists on social media and let the public make the final determination.  A “like” or “share” equaled one point. The three messages with the most points won.

Without further ado, here are the safety messages that won the contest:

  • HE SEES YOU WHEN YOU’RE BUCKLED / HE KNOWS WHEN YOU DRIVE BAKED (This messages will appear on digital signs across the state Dec. 23-26)
  • SLOW DOWN YOURE ALREADY IN TEXAS (This messages will appear on digital signs across the state Jan. 4-8)
  • CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF (This messages will appear on digital signs across the state Jan. 25-29)

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