Texas Gov. Abbott signs legislative proposal aimed at stopping local governments' efforts to defund police departments

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AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new legislative proposal Thursday aimed at stopping efforts to defund police departments after many advocates have called for the slashing of budgets following the death of George Floyd.

Abbott and other state leaders, such as House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Attorney General Ken Paxton and members of the Austin Police Association signed the “Back The Blue” pledge.

“Cities must prioritize public safety. The last thing they should do -- is to defund law enforcement. And yet, that is exactly what the city of Austin has done and is what the Dallas County City Council voted to do and announcing its own defunding scheme last night,” Abbott said.

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He said other cities in Texas may be considering the same thing, which is why he proposed the new legislation. The new proposal will make it harder for local governments efforts to defund police departments, Abbott said.

He said defunding police departments will put residents in danger and cause chaos.

“It invites crimes into communities and we cannot allow this to happen in Texas,” Abbott said.

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