10 everyday items that are just better Texas-ified

Texas state flag stock image. (Pixabay)

HOUSTON – If you meet someone who is from Texas, they’ll make sure to let you know it.

Texans undoubtedly have more state pride than any other state in the country.

Whether it be by wearing a T-shirt representing a Texas team or an item with the Lone Star flag or state outline on it, Texans will proclaim their statehood whenever possible.

Here are 10 odd items that just had to be Texasified:

1. Candle

Texas scented candle (Homesick)

2. Cutting Board

Texas Cutting Board (Copyright: Target) (Target)

3. Cast Iron skillet

Texas shaped cast iron skillet (statetraditions.com)

4. Shot Glass

Texas shaped shot glass (rallyhouse.com)

5. Passports

Texas passport (South Texas Online Products)

6. The Ten Commandments

The Ten Texas Commandments (TX Humor)

7. Crocs

Texas flag Crocs (Crocs)

8. Swimwear

Texas flag swimsuit (Chubbies)

9. Athletic shorts

Texas flag athletic shorts (Tyler's)

10. Dress shirts

Texas flag western dress shirt (Boot Barn)

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