Abbott urges Texans not to give in to ‘COVID fatigue'

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LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is urging Texans to not let down their guard as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in the state.

Abbott spoke in Lubbock and El Paso on Thursday after meeting with officials there. He said he understands people are tired of wearing masks and being cooped up at home -- a situation he called “COVID fatigue.”

“We get that, but the COVID disease doesn’t care about COVID fatigue,” Abbott said as he called on Texans to remain vigilant.

Abbott said contact tracing has been a factor in slowing the number of coronavirus cases in Texas.

Abbott reminded Texans that gathering after school and during social events could increase the number of cases across the state. He urged people to continue to wear masks and follow proper social distancing practices. As we open up schools, Abbott reminded Texans we will also battle flu season soon.

As Labor Day weekend approaches, Abbott warns Texans about letting their guard down, because failure to practice social distancing can increase COVID-19 cases.

Abbott highly recommends COVID-19 survivors to give blood in order to help others overcome the virus as well.

Abbott thanked nurses, doctors and other first responders for their work and dedication to contain the virus throughout the state. He also thanked Texans for their cooperation.

Abbott said for the past couple of weeks, there’s been a decline in people getting testing for COVID-19. Due to the test surging operation in Houston, numbers are expected to go up.

Abbott said there will be same-day turnaround testing results in nursing homes this week to ensure the safety of the people in those settings.

The governor said bars are one of the most prolific places to spread the virus, calling the institutions “leading transmission zones.” Abbott said because of the decision to close these facilities, there was a reduction in cases and hospitalizations. Abbott said a strategy must be implemented to ensure bars are no longer transmission zones for the virus.

When it comes to college sports, Abbott said the safety of college athletes is a priority and focal point for sports to continue. The governor said a strategy must be developed to make sure fans’ and athletes’ health is not compromised.

You can watch both of Abbott’s news conferences below.

Abbott to discuss state’s coronavirus response

LIVE: Watch as Gov. Abbott discusses the state’s coronavirus response, More:

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Thursday, August 13, 2020
Abbott news conference about coronavirus response

Gov. Abbott talks about how Texas is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Thursday, August 13, 2020

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