VIDEO: Massive spider spotted outside Texas woman’s home

Courtesy: Teouna Thomas
Courtesy: Teouna Thomas (KSAT)

HOUSTON – There are spiders and then there are SPIDERS.

Texas has a variety of spiders, but the massive kind do live here -- and one San Antonio woman encountered one that left her shaking after it crawled onto her patio door last week.

Teouna Thomas posted a photo and video of the huge eight-legged creature that happened upon her home.

Thomas wrote on Facebook, “THIS IS NOT A TOY GUYS...I PROMISE I’M STILL SHAKING. Someone please tell me what this is?”

THIS IS NOT A TOY GUYS...I PROMISE I'M STILL SHAKING. Someone please tell me what this is?

Posted by Teouna Thomas on Friday, June 19, 2020

The San Antonio Zoo identified the spider as a Texas Tan Tarantula, a common species in Texas, according to a report. The spiders are harmless, and while all have venom, experts told KSAT you’d have to try hard to be bitten by one of these. They’re actually good to have around, as they eat Texas’ other giant visitors: cockroaches – and crickets.

Thomas’ husband managed to wrangle the spider into a plastic container and it was later released into the wild.

YIKES. Wonder if she had a tuffet around somewhere...

Posting for a news outlet.

Posted by Teouna Thomas on Monday, June 22, 2020

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