Here’s how your child’s 2020-21 school calendar might look different: TEA

HOUSTON – The Texas Education Agency provided details Tuesday about how the 2020-21 school year might be different, including a disrupted calendar that would have a sooner start date, a later end date and longer breaks for students in between.

State education officials are considering the adjusted calendar because of possible high student-absenteeism and disrupted instruction. They also have to adjust for learning loss that may have occurred since students have been home since Spring Break.

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Officials believe the COVID-19 school closures “could have a devastating impact on student achievement,” and students could return “nearly a full year behind what normally occurs.”

What the change could look like

  • Earlier start date, long Winter Break and longer other breaks, and a later end date
  • Built-in remote learning time and staggered in-person attendance
  • Recommended six weeks of intersessional breaks in addition to the regular calendar

Officials say that the intersessional calendar would be effective as those the extra six weeks could be used for remediation, acceleration of enrichment of learning. The longer breaks might be needed due to a resurgence of the virus, officials wrote.

The extra weeks added to the calendar might also allow for better teacher planning, increased time for student “brain breaks,” and more time to cover standards and improved productivity each day, officials said.

This adjusted calendar is not yet implemented. Districts that are interested will have to begin taking certain steps to ensure the success of this proposed calendar including talking to parents, teachers and students to understand their needs and wants.

Read the full TEA pamphlet below: