Texas ranks third in the nation for most COVID-19 scam complaints

Beware of coronavirus scams in emails, snail mail, texs and robocalls, FBI warns

The Federal Trade Commission says Texans have made 1,164 complaints relating to COVID-19 scams, as of April 14.

Texas is the state with the third-most complaints in the US. California tops the list with 2,166 complaints and Florida ranks second with 1,302.

Texas surpasses New York by just two complaints.

Here are a few things to know:

• FTC reports a total fraud loss of $13.44 million in the United States.

• 583 of complaints made in Texas been reported as fraud.

• The top fraud products and services used to lure victims are travel and online shopping scams.

• 57 complaints made in Texas were reported as do not call scams and 102 were reported as identity theft.

• The remain 430 reports fall under the “other” category.

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