Texas Health and Human Services to provide more than $168M in emergency SNAP food benefits

Gov. Abbott, HHS make announcement Wednesday about federal approval

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AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Health and Human Services will provide more than $168 million in emergency Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food benefits to help people in the state during the COVID-19 response, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday.

HHS got federal approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide the maximum allowable number of SNAP benefits to recipients based on family size, according to a news release.

The emergency allotments are currently authorized for the months of April and May.

Anyone receiving SNAP benefits is included.

“SNAP, commonly referred to as the food stamp program, supplements the budget of the working poor. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many low-wage workers in our community find themselves with hours significantly cut or even furloughed from their job," said Eric S. Cooper, president and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank. "The additional food subsidy announced today by Governor Abbott, although still supplemental, will help fill a portion of the financial gap created by the economic crisis resulting from this pandemic. It is a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go to help all those suffering in our community.”

Said Abbott, “As the state continues to respond to COVID-19, we are working closely with our agency partners to ensure families have access to nutritious meals. I thank the U.S. Department of Agriculture for quickly granting this approval. These emergency benefits will give hundreds of thousands of Texans the additional support they need to provide for their families during this challenging time.”

People who receive SNAP benefits will see the additional amount on their Lone Star Card by April 15 for this month’s benefits, and by May 15 for next month’s benefits, HHS officials said

Disbursements will be staggered and begin April 9.

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