Texas Attorney General receives more than 5,500 price gouging complaints

Cracking down on price gouging related to coronavirus

HOUSTON – We are getting your complaints about suspected price gouging, and so is the Texas Attorney General.

So far, the office has received 5,529 complaints about price gouging related to COVID-19 and items like toilet paper, water and hand sanitizer.

The complaints have not all been investigated and substantiated, but the AG did file a price-gouging lawsuit against Auctions Unlimited and the Houston man who was auctioning N-95 face masks and other supplies at exorbitant prices. He could be fined $10,000 per penalty and up to $250,000 if any of the victims were elderly.

If you see what you believe is price gouging, you can file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General online, by email at consumeremergency@oag.texas.gov or by calling 800-621-0508.

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