Governor Abbott to provide Texans with an update on coronavirus Thursday

HOUSTON – With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issuing a warning for Americans to prepare for possible outbreaks of the coronavirus in the United States, Governor Greg Abbott will hold a briefing Thursday afternoon to provide an update on the latest on preparations in Texas.

The briefing will take place at the State Operations Center in Austin at 3:30 p.m. and will include top state and federal health officials, the governor said.

Governor Abbott was in Baytown Wednesday ahead of the briefing. He said he will provide updates from officials on the current status and containment of the virus in Texas.

“The state is taking this very seriously, we’ve been working with the CDC from the very beginning of the outbreak over in China,” Abbott told KPRC 2. “We will look for a very realistic assessment of what the danger is whether or not there really is an imminent danger."

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