Stock up. Texas is always dry on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

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HOUSTON – If you are new to Texas, consider yourself warned.

If liquor is part of your Christmas Day and New Year’s plans in Texas, you had better stock up early.

Texas state law prohibits the sale of liquor on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and of course on Sundays. The law says, “no person may sell, offer for sale, or deliver any liquor on those days.”

And if Christmas or New Year’s happen to fall on Sunday (which isn’t the case this year), then liquor sales are also banned the following Monday.

Lawmakers made the Sunday rule in 1935 when the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Liquor Control Act after the repeal of Prohibition. State legislators then banned liquor sales on Christmas Day in 1967 and then later added Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day in 1979.